QingZhi Vege. Juice Powder


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What is QingZhi ?
QingZhi is freshwater green alga, and contains many nutrients such as proteins (more than 60%), vitamins, effective minerals, essential fatty acids and dietary fiber, It has been eaten as a safe, natural food for more than 50 years in japan. QingZhi is helpful for human health.

QingZhi is believed to have been born approximately 2 billion years ago as the “source of life on earth”, but due to its extremely small size, its discovery was in the late 19th century.

QingZhi colors green stronger than green tea powder
QingZhi powder is a natural green food, and contains abundant natural green pigment chlorophyll. As a food additive, it can produce a stronger green than green tea powder. QingZhi micro-powder has even stronger coloring ability.

QingZhi Powder
QingZhi Powder is a standard powder item, and is made by spray-drying an algal slurry. It is utilized to manufacture various QingZhi products.
Application example: Supplements, Noodles, etc.

Know More About QingZhi
QingZhi is so small that its cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it supports the great numbers of life on the earth by being at the origin of the food chain, in other words the producer. We will introduce such chlorella from a number of view points.

QingZhi in the form of health foods, medical drugs, and quasi-drugs support healthy and fulfilling lives of people.

Processed Food
It supports various processed food products as colorants and other food additives for quality improvement and taste enhancement purposes.

Nutrition of QingZhi powder (100g)

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